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MANcation 2011

My community group guys, brother - in - law, and another friend camped out on the Buffalo River this December. It was a great start to Christmas break! We comsumed more brauts, burgers and bacon than should be legal.  We hiked on a beautiful, December day and created gargantuous MANfires.  It was a glorious MANweekend with great friends.  I am blessed to have friends like these guys to share life with.  The only thing that could change for MANcation 2012 is my sleeping bag.  28 degrees can get quite cold!


the simple pleasures of life.

A free strawberry shake from Chick - Fil - A to share with my girl.  Does it get any better. (It was gone in less than 5)

Catching up during the holidays

Thanksgiving was a great time off with the family. Emma was just beginning to learn about the first Thanksgiving with her "handmade" Native American outfit.  How fun!
"Baby it's cold outside!"

 Happy birthday Dad!

 This smile never gets old!


Hogs, Hugs, Haircuts, and Hollywood!

It is that time of the year!  Football season is upon us and the Helmicks are ready to call those Hogs!
Emma is loving it. Every Saturday she wants to wear her "Pig Sooie" shirt.  Wonder where that desire came from? :)

Drew's first haircut!

Counting our blessings

Our pediatrician wanted to have Drew tested for Cystic Fibrosis and he also wanted us to get a heart murmur checked out so we took the little guy to Arkansas Children's Hospital.  The first couple of photos are Drew having his sweat test done for cystic fibrosis.  Thankfully, everything came back negative!

 Drew all hooked up for his echo cardiogram and electrocardiogram.  Everything is ok!

Life is good

Isn't it great to reflect on God's goodness through photos of your family?  I am so grateful Keri and our two awesome kids.  God is so good.  

 Icee time at Target.  :)

St. Louis Zoo with Friends!

The Helmicks are huge fans of the St. Louis Zoo.  It is the coolest zoo that we have ever been to and it is FREE!  Emma loved hanging out with her friends for a fun - filled day.  We spent the week with the Detwilers.  It was a great weekend to get away and hang out with some great friends.  
 The kiddos are about the height of a koala bear.  

 Emma, Mark, and Braden

 Drew had a GREAT time.  :)
 While the kiddos and ladies went to the Wonderplace in St. Louis, Mark and I toured the Anhauser Bush Brewing Factory.  IT was a fantastic tour that was very interesting and informative.  


The Land of Lincoln

This summer I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a week long seminar/workshop with the National Endowment of the Humanities that focused on Lincoln and the forging of America.  It was an excellent blend of scholarly lectures, discussions and excursions through New Salem and Springfield, Illinois.  We toured New Salem, Lincoln's home in Springfield, his presidential library/museum, and tomb.  I love teaching history and this workshop was a perfect way to grow my knowledge on our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.  
Many more photos were taken but to not bore you I included only a few! 

The Lincoln Home - Springfield, Illinois

 The rotunda of the Lincoln Museum
 The following pictures are from an evening that we spent at Lincoln's tomb.  

 This building in New Salem is where Abraham Lincoln studied law for hours upon hours beside the fireside.

 The Old State Capital - Springfield, Illinois
Lincoln worked here while in congress and President Obama declared his intentions for running for president on these steps.... Coincidence? I think not!
 Lincoln was a well respected lawyer in Springfield for close to 20 years.

 The Old Statehouse is where Lincoln served and where his body lie in state after his assassination. 

 History fan or not, I would highly recommend visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.  It was fantastic and ages 7 - 97 would find something to enjoy!